Beau Pondicherry!

A corner of India which is uniquely French.

“Let’s go somewhere!” Pondy? “YEAH! Let’s go! ”

So it began, a two-day vacation at the little city called Pondicherry.

Day 1: We found a place on Airbnb called Skandavan. It was a beautiful place off the city and en route to the much-revered Auroville.  The place belonged to an Indo-British couple who were very charming as hosts. They’d met in London, traveled extensively before settling in Pondi.
The overnight bus journey left us quite tired but we decided to head out to the city before taking a lil nap. At the city, there was nothing else we’d rather hire as a way of getting around than a yellow Vespa. Hell yeah, that’s what we did.
“Zipping through the unfamiliar streets of Pondy in a yellow Vespa” quipped my friend, when we took our first ride. Something about French architecture and a classic yellow moped gets you all tingly.
Ooh, another thing about Skandavan. They have an open shower… Yes, you read that right. I was skeptical at first, but a shower under the sky when the humidity is killing you? It’s rather brilliant, I must say.

Right. Combing the streets of Pondy, we ended up near the Governors house. One turn led us to a view I will not forget. Between quintessential french buildings, we saw the vast expanse of the mighty Bay of Bengal. That was quite a view! The beach road is very very well maintained and is always an amazing place to spend time at, regardless of the time of day. We then decided to take a walk.
So a stroll down White Town was followed by a mighty meal at Cafe Xtasi.Mhhh. The Four-Cheese Pizza, Popeye and Vegetariana are heavenly.
With that, we headed back to Skandavan to spend sometime exploring the place. The ‘butterfly-tree’ is very pretty to look at under the lights, and so is the fish pond.
Playing with Luna and Tara, the mutts, was very entertaining.

Day 2:
In what we decided would be a very calm day, we woke up quite early to catch the sunrise. The ride through the unlit muddy trail, through the grasslands was very exhilarating!
Our lil Vespa ate the miles as we made it to the Beach Road just in time. Munching on brownies and Walnut pies for breakfast, we resigned ourselves to sitting by the rocks and photographing the sunrise. The cool breeze and the general sense of that moment made the trip completely worth it.

Another stroll around the city made us realize how hungry we were. We headed back and devoured the left over pizza from last night. Pizza for breakfast. Mhh. Who would’ve thought?

Riding through the calm, serene and shade-y roads, we enjoyed every second of it.
Quite a number of pictures and videos later, we zeroed in on Greek Cafe for lunch.
Simple yet tasty food.
Another stop at a large book store was warranted. Like any book-shopping adventure, I couldn’t choose. I ended up buying a book which contained a large selection of poems. POETRY YO.

Live not in the future, nor the past
Live not to realize, nor to emphasize
Live not to speak, nor to listen
Live not for him, nor for her
Live. For yourself.

Yep, I wrote that. Yep, it’s rubbish.
Anyway, so Pondy.
We could’ve seen a few more places, we could’ve visited Auroville, but we didn’t. The entire point of this for us, was to wind down and relax. Which is what we did.

Bidding goodbye to Rekha and Michael(our hosts), we set out on our Vespa for our final ride. We stopped in the middle of the grasslands for a picture of the sunset.
The next couple of hours was spent by the beach. The most relaxing two hours.

I’d go back.

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4 comments on “Beau Pondicherry!

  1. Ruta says:


    Beautiful Post and Pics!! Very detailed travelogue, really helping me with my travel plan!! Thank-You!



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